Media & Public Speaking

We are passionate about raising the awareness of psychology, the destigmatisation of mental health along with bringing psychology and psychological therapy into the public domain. 

Drs. Galbraith have experience of radio, television and written broadcast as well as public speaking. If you require a psychological angle for a presentation, conference, or for a media broadcast, we can help. Please enquire by contacting us


Dr. Victoria has experience of working with broadcasters, journalists, radio and television producers and directors. She can regularly be seen contributing to TV & radio, both in front of and behind the camera. Dr. Victoria has contributed to the 'face your fears' feature on the Chris Moyles breakfast show as the off-air psychologist to talk the presenters through their phobias. She also contributed to the BBC Radio 1 Surgery offering advice to listeners on their fears and phobias. She has worked with the BBC, Channel 5 (various including fivenews live); Teachers TV for their 'Wellbeing at Work' series and Sky Living. She also contributes to national and international press items, such as newspaper and magazine features (recent contributions include the Daily Express, Independent; Psychologies; Glamour; Top Sante; Slimming World; Pregnancy & Birth; Men's Fitness; Dubai's Viva; and Australian Natural Health magazines); television and radio broadcasts; behind-the-scenes providing psychological assessments of television contributors for programme makers (e.g. for reality TV); and she has written for several academic journals and lifestyle magazines (e.g. smudge, a warwickshire-based lifestyle magazine). Dr. Victoria has also been involved in the design of relaxation DVD's for teachers.

The Benefits of Silence - Interview with Dr. Victoria Galbraith - BBC Radio Shropshire
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