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Corporate Wellbeing

Research shows us that “companies that put effort into ensuring their employees stay healthy find themselves reaping significant rewards in terms of greater productivity” (Telegraph, 8th September 2015).

Many successful companies are now promoting a holistic approach to healthcare, including physical and mental healthcare, as fundamental to the working environment and ethos.

At Galbraith Psychology, we have worked with a variety of corporate organisations and are aware of the increasing need to provide a health and wellbeing ethos within the working environment.


We provide a variety of in-house and away-day packages, such as mindfulness in the office, team building, away days and corporate retreats; and we work with a variety of colleagues and wellbeing providers, such as organisational psychologists, dieticians, nutritionists, chefs, personal trainers and yoga instructors to ensure that we provide a holistic wellbeing experience. We also deliver a variety of interactive workshops including:


Healthy mind

Developing self-care and resilience;

Stress management;

Power of positive thinking;

Mindful eating;

Psychology of habits and habit releasers.


Healthy work-life

Team building and co-operation;

Solution-focused interventions around performance and procrastination.

If you are interested in hearing more about ways in which we can support your organisation, please make contact with us.

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